Dear Parents/Guardians,

It is hard to believe the end of the year is a mere few weeks away. The students finished the CAT-4 test today and they did a great job following instructions. I think it was a positive experience for them. You will receive results in the Fall. This year has been an amazing experience for me and I have truly enjoyed working with your children. Here is one last curriculum update to keep you in the loop with what is going on in room 210:

Mathematics: We have finished our unit on fractions and are half way through our unit on probability; Our last unit will be a return to patterning, which will take us to the end of June.

Language: In our reading/writing workshops we continue to focus on ‘parts of a story’/retelling stories with sufficient detail. The students will be beginning short story of their own which we hope to finish by the end of the school year. Their stories will incorporate all of the ‘parts of a story’ (i.e. setting, characters, problem, beginning, middle, end and solution).

Social Studies: We are exploring heritage/citizenship. Students will learn about the facets of what makes up one’s ‘culture’, such as food, dance, music, stories etc… Students will come to understand that Canada is a country made up of many and various cultures.

Visual Arts: Our most recent focus has been still life painting. The students did some beautiful still life paintings of the bean plants that we grew in Science class. They are displayed in the hallway out side the Library.


Many of the students have shown interest in learning how to handwrite. I have promised them that we will spend some time on this in the last couple of weeks of school.


Have a great summer and thank you for your support this year!




Ms. Grace