Class Code of Conduct


Code of Conduct

During the first week of school we met as a classroom community to generate our classroom rules. The children came up with ways to make our class a safe and fun environment in which to learn. The rules were recorded on chart paper and each child signed their name on the paper. The rules are displayed in our room as a reminder that we have all agreed to follow them. Here are the rules the children came up with:

1. Indoor voice in the classroom and hallway.

2. Hands to yourself.

3. No running, pushing, or mean words.

4. Help each other.

5. Stay on task and listen



My expectations are that your children follow the above classroom code of conduct as well as the school code of conduct (found in the agenda). I expect students to come to school prepared and excited to learn. I encourage students to take a positive attitude towards both their learning and others in the class. I hope/encourage that all students participate in the learning, share their ideas and respect the ideas of others. I hope you will discuss and review the class code of conduct with your son/daughter at home! Thank you for your support!